How to use the VSCode

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Now that you're onboarded, you're ready to make the first contact with the powerful editor we use - Visual Studio Code (VSCode).

VSCode is the most popular code editor in the world (source) and almost all of its features such as extensions are present in Strove.

There's a small number of changes to the original VSCode - for example, the code will be colored after a moment - syntax highlight styles have to be loaded via the browser so don't worry if the code is white initially, it will be highlighted!

In case you wonder, we make code editor streaming happen via an open-source project called code-server.

Documentation for Visual Studio Code can be found here.

But wait, if I edit files, won't other users be able to see them?

No. Every project is open in its own Docker container - a technology made with security in mind. Every user has access to his own project and several files necessary to run his own container alone.

Can I save my extensions?

Yes! We're glad to say that your extensions will persist across the sessions. We are working on a way to reuse extensions across different projects as well!