Using preview

Preview allows users to see how their code looks like when it's running. It is a must-have feature in most applications. To open a preview click on a Preview button in the header and choose the port you are using. For example, if your application uses port 3000, click on link.

Preview does not work?

In most cases, preview works without a need to do any modification but don't panic if it initially doesn't in yours.

  1. Check if your app runs on one of the supported or declared ports. Strove supports the following ports out of the box: 3000, 4000, 8000, 8080. You can declare custom ports in strove.json as well if you need a different one.
  2. Make sure that host your app is running on is set to Some frameworks use different hosts and is the only one accessible via the internet. Here is an example of how to run the app on host in Ruby on Rails: rails server --binding --port 3000

Updated 26 Apr 2020
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