When should you NOT use Strove

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It's useful when considering whether or not to use a technology to understand the tradeoffs that come with it. What problems does the technology explicitly try to solve for you, and which ones does it ignore? What are the current limitations and common problems that people encounter? These are the kinds of questions that we believe you should have answers to when making an important technology decision for your project, and so we have documented answer to why not to use the best we can:

There are few cases where you should absolutely stick to coding on physical computers:

  • You code for MacOS and/or iOS and you need XCode. XCode has barelly any support on Linux. If you want to make iPhone app you'll almost definitelly need actual Macbook unless solutions such as non-ejected React Native + Expo framework suit your needs. This link might help If you want to make a React Native mobile app and you're wondering if you should eject of not:
  • You don't have internet access most of the time.